Dreaming Out Loud

(Dreaming out loud was a phrase shared by a reader not too long ago. I recently re-read the comment when searching for an older post. The phrase hit home just as much as it did the first time I read it.  Thank you). 

Dreaming in my head is easy and there is no end to the dreams stashed there.

But it is an intimidating feeling to speak a dream out loud. The moment I speak a dream out loud I feel compelled to make that dream real, which is precisely why we need to dream out loud. I get that.

Yet, as soon as I put words to a dream it loses some of the dream quality it had while stirring in my head. While in my head it was all attainable, once out of my head my confidence wanes and I feel the intimidation of the opinion of others and question if I have the conviction to keep shaping the dream into reality. 

The focus switches to the how to’s and where for’s. I have to explain what it looks like and how it will work and in so doing begin trying to force it into being. This is not unlike the industrial approach to agriculture of forcing land and animal to over produce and profit.

My impatient side causes me to feel antsy sitting with dreams in my lap but I grasp that they must unfold as they need to. So I want to take a different route; I want to go with the flow and enjoy the unfolding of the dreams.

Developing the stock dogs beyond basic skills, writing and the community farm are my three main dreams right now. They each mesh into one another and all are equally at the forefront of my life right now. They are each vying for attention and most days I can’t seem to sort one from the other.

They sit, as newly spoken dreams seem to do, on the verge of slinking back into the recesses of my mind or dipping into reality.