A Day of Dogs and Horses

Lambing finished, processing of lambs complete and ewes set up for a days grazing, I went on a short day trip. I took Cajun and Gibson along for company.

I traveled a few hours South to visit Liezel at her place, aptly named Pilgrim Farms. Liezel and I met last fall, when she was looking to purchase sheep, and our shared philosophy on land and animal furnished an immediate and meaningful connection between us.

I enjoyed an afternoon seeing Liezel's place, visiting assorted animals, talking about land and life, working the dogs on sheep and goats and best of all having a riding lesson. Liezel is a horsewoman, she knows horses better than I know dogs, so when she offered to get me up on her horse for a lesson I took her up on it.

There is a peculiar and challenging thrill of learning something completely new. It has been awhile since I have felt that. I was re-understanding what it is like for the people I see who are learning to work stock dogs for the first time. How brand new every detail is. The awkwardness of my inept and exaggerated body language with an animal of subtlety. Like working dogs, working horses is an intuitive play of pressure and release, intention and respect, molding and finessing.

The day presented a taste of a new venture for me and I am encouraged to pursue the dream of riding a horse in these grassy hills to check on a flock of sheep. A simple dream of sweet simplicity.

Thank you for that Liezel.


  1. You're most welcome, it was lots of fun :) Looking forward to the next stock dog day where I can feel like a blundering fool, lol!

  2. It was a lot of fun. We'll have to get together again for sure.


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