A Regular Life

Between dealing with fly struck lambs and building sheep handling pens there isn’t too much exhilaration in my life. It seems like everyone else is at the lake, a dog trial or on holidays, three things I don’t get to do, so I’m feeling jealous and like I could use some sort of boost or change.

A current, regular and beautiful part to my day is working stock dogs early in the morning. I’m foregoing my morning walks to work when it’s cool, plus we can start fresh. That is, the dogs are fresh as am I. It’s lovely to work then and we can take a shorter walk afterward.

I’m concentrating on Cajun and Gibb right now. Jayde and BJ are on the back burner. I use Jayde to set up the sheep so she still works but I’m not doing a lot of focused training with her.  I had BJ out for a spell this morning and was very pleased with how much more turned on she was. I’ll put her back up for awhile and give her another go in about a months time. In the meanwhile I’ll have her watch dogs work.

Cajun is working only singles or doubles right now to bring back some speed and cover after a lot of steady, driving work. Gibb has his directions pretty much sorted out and is working a little bit on walk up. Depending on how I think he is doing I’ll set up a situation where he has to use some force or push. Mostly it’s still basic light work on quiet sheep with him.

I’m also doing some leash work with a group of five guardian dog cross puppies. I have yet to introduce them here and to do an update on the adults. For the sake of this short post though, it’s time for these pups to be sold and they are not trained to a leash yet. Training them to a leash has been  very challenging and interesting work.

So my days contain a lot of dog and sheep work, which is precisely what this place is about. To that end, I guess I do have quite the life after all.