The Start of A Vision

I first shared a version of this in the latest issue of the newsletter Crooked Fences. It’s time to share it here to further spread the desire.

I have a deep affinity for this place and this way of life. For the universal connectivity of it all. A few years ago I started to feel a nudge prodding me to start sharing it. I heeded that nudge and built the ranching-with-sheep website and then began this blog; two obvious ways to share what one is doing and thinking. Today, as I drift through my days, the call to share what is here is still tugging at me, stronger than before.

I have been carrying around a simmering and unspoken vision for this place, knowing that this land, this space, can be so much more than just a sheep ranch with just me on it. That there are far more possibilities here than I alone can undertake and that there are so many options for sharing it.  

What stirred the contents of my vision pot was a recent read of the book "Walk Out Walk On," lent to me by a good friend. Before I was two chapters into the book I bought my own copy. The particular phrase in the book that began heating things up, was "start anywhere, follow it everywhere."

It’s time to share this vision of broader sustainability and begin my journey to find the people to help me build it.

I long to share the uniqueness of this place, to allow it to touch the lives of others like it has touched my own. To have people gather here for rest and recharging, for learning and creating, and for the continuation of sustainable farming and related businesses. To encourage the betterment of land and life through human potential.

I want to give a leg up to other passionate people who long to be on the land but are held back by rising land and start up costs. I want people to co-farm with me, adding their fuel to my fire for a multifaceted, sustainable community farm, thriving with various enterprises and together benefiting the whole.

This sustainable vision is something beyond selling products produced on seperate farms, under an umbrella company name. I want to create a community of farming/gardening/animal enthusiasts who join together on this place to complete their own dreams. Who knows, maybe this even goes beyond farming.

Yes, there are all sorts of details to work out. No, I don't know how to go about accomplishing this or even what it all looks like yet. But I'm okay with not having it all sorted out or having the answers, because maybe you do.

What I do know is that the idea of starting anywhere and following it everywhere, is beckoning me. This blog post is one of the starts.

If you are intrigued or know a person who would be, tell them I am looking for them.


  1. and when can I move in? :) See you on Saturday!

  2. Liezel, it would be a privilege to have you on board. You were one of the faces I was thinking of when pondering the idea. If you want to be involved we really need to chat.

  3. This is a dream I have had for years, with no outlet. The concept of community you are trying to create is one that stirs in more than just a few people. The concept of a pooled effort at holistic farming also stirs at feelings I have had sitting latent inside as well. I grew up on a farm and at the time when I could have invested in the farm with my family I was more interested in spreading my wings to try my own way. As I look back I do not regret my choice, but as I look forward my desire is to go back to those roots. The main difficulty is finances and support. I love the land and animals and I love people (to a point). Independence with support. Sharing resources, ideas, hope, stuggles, joys... isn't that how we were intended to live in the first place? Keep dreaming out loud, you have at least one farmer at heart listening.

  4. Sharing resources, ideas, hope, stuggles, joys... isn't that how we were intended to live in the first place?

    Lovely thought. I think we have lost touch with what that type of living feels like. Today, with all our external possessions, sharing seems to threaten us more.

    I hope you will keep dreaming as well. We share a similar outlook - who knows, just maybe there is a possibility for you to be involved.


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