Floating Along

It might be time to build an ark.

Things are beginning to float away, we have received so much rain.

There is plenty of grass again, so there is no worry about running short, however with all the moisture it will be very watery and without the nutritional punch our typically dry prairie land can deliver.  Something we have to keep in mind for the flock.

As I travel around checking animals it looks like they are all wearing the same forlorn when-will-it-be-dry-again look. I keep expecting to find the ewes hunkered in particular bushes but they are not taking shelter. Most often they are in the open spaces, grazing. The lambs are doing fine and I suppose the saving grace is that it has remained warm during all the rain.

With the lambs maturing I am once again taking a stock dog with me when I head out in the evening and doing little pieces of work as the opportunities present themselves. The grass is tall and is beginning to become a challenge for the dogs. Last night Jayde’s walk up followed a sheep trail and I think she sniffed out sheep more than she visually saw them. After a lull in stock dog work during lambing it feels good to have the dogs back out with me.


  1. I just found your blog and cannot wait to read the whole thing.

  2. Welcome! It is encouraging to know there are people out there reading the blog. Thank you for taking a moment to comment.


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