Being Nature

I rise earlier and earlier as the daylight stretches longer. I have been an early riser for so many years that I really don’t know any different. During the spring and summer I head out for a walk early on.

As I walked in the early daylight this AM I wondered if I was up and about even before the Weather was. This morning was so calm, so at ease, it felt as though walking through it was causing ripples. I was far away from worries about sheep and dogs and fencing.

These still moments are so soulfully replenishing. I can feel my energy mix with the energy of the Universe. I am walking and five dogs are buzzing back and forth on the trail so this stillness does not always equate to physically being still, but rather mentally so.

During these mornings I know what it feels like to BE Nature. Not to be IN Nature, or to be surrounded by Nature, or farming WITH Nature, for all of these states still represent some aspect of seperateness from it, but to be one and the same.

This is one of the many indirect gifts I have received as a result of this lifestyle of land and sheep. I feel this centered state more and more often and most easily when the external conditions are right. It is, of course, more difficult when the demands of the day begin arriving, or if people are around since I am so accustomed to being alone. Yet as I become more accepting of this way of being and it becomes more and more familiar it will grow and be there to tap into and to share. And that I look forward to doing.