Stock Dogging

Just a brief post for today as one of our annual stock dog clinics is taking place this weekend. Participants began arriving yesterday evening. I am so excited to have two days of company and dog work under the guide of clinicians, Dave and Trudy Viklund. I’ll focus mainly on working Cajun and perhaps bring Gibson out for a session too.

Yesterday was a full day of preparations plus the first couple of lambs arrived at the end of the week. I was really hoping the ewe flock would hold off for a couple more days as they are not expected to start until the 25th.  Although it would not change the need for more frequent checks of the flock at this time of the year.  My timing for the two events was just too close together.  It will be a hectic weekend.

I put up a stretch of Electranet to divide the next grazing paddock and the ewe flock was moved over there last night.  The two moms with new lambs were left to catch up as they will. The gate between the two paddocks is open so the guard dogs are able to move back and forth. It’s a bit of a gamble leaving new lambs back, but so is pushing them to move too soon. Since the moms were on the move with their little ones I opted to let them come along at their own pace.