Pace of Spring

Pounding the first fence posts of the season seemed to launch us into high gear and if there was any hint of winter slumber still clinging to to me, it is gone now.

The cows have been vaccinated and treated. This involved loading them on a trailer and taking them to the in-laws where there is a cattle chute because we don’t have one.
Fence repairs were done on a line of cross fence.
The water bus was readied and taken out to the pasture.
A very ancient grain truck with a water tank in the box was moved out to the ewe lambs to provide water for them.
Three portable dog runs were set up in the dog yard.
We spent an entire afternoon helping the family move cattle.
The flock has been moved - at least three more times since my post about the last move.
One hundred trees seedlings were planted as a future shelter belt on the North side of the barn paddock.
Each day I squeeze in some time to work the dogs on a group of ewe lambs both to work my dogs and to settle the sheep for use during an upcoming clinic.
And each day there must be time for feeding ourselves, relaxing a little, and posting here.

This is the pace of Spring. While I am tired, I am also satisfied. I do not feel overworked, I just feel like I have worked. A big difference, I think.

Even though this list is all about doing, the tasks were interspersed with frequent moments of Being and moments of recharging and rethinking too. That happens for me more and more often. No doubt a direct impact of living on the land and seeking a connection with the energy of it.