Moving Forward into Another Year With Sheep

Shearing time has always marked the start of another year with sheep, but pounding fence posts solidifies it. When I have the next opportunity to start a farm all over again, I will start out on a piece of land already fenced.

We pounded posts for a small paddock located nearby the house for future use by the three horses. We are hopeful that having the horses nearby (rather than further away on pasture) will instill a regular habit of working with them.

And remember our discovery of a new night pen area and noting that all we needed was to fence off the ends to create two very useful paddocks. Well we pounded fence posts to get that small project underway as well. Combined, the total pounding posts stint was a small one. I like fence building like that. Small spurts rather than 10 hours of it in one day.

Part of the reason for jumping into these two projects was to take advantage of the wet conditions here. Post pounding is so much easier when the ground is nicely soaked after a few days of steady rain.  The other part is that we are focusing on doing projects with the supplies we have on hand and we happened to have supplies for this on hand.

While I begrudgingly started the task of post pounding, in the end, the day had a very satisfying feel. Kind of like the feeling you get when you finally take action on something you’ve been stewing about for too long.

Here’s to moving forward into another year on the land with sheep and dogs.