LGD Job Changes

Diesel and Whiskey (now 14 months old) were both neutered last week. When they came home they spent a couple days in the shearing shed to recuperate. A choice they were less than happy about. We were not going to be able to keep them in much longer before they started to make their own way out.

At the start of lambing we were finding dead lambs. Lambs who had never gotten on their feet. Diesel was always close at hand and he was no longer interested in eating meals. I was suspicious that he was interfering by investigating the lambs and driving the ewe off.

So when it came time to return the boys to work, I took Diesel directly to the flock of yearlings where Willow is and allowed Whiskey to go back with the main flock.

I no longer think it was Diesel interfering with lambs that was causing our trouble. He was just keeping a close watch and eating afterbirth. However, seeing him settle with the yearlings I have decided to leave him there.

So far, he seems willing to stay, which has surprised me. I was sure he would make his way back to the flock and the dog pack he knows. It helps that he is not alone where he is; he is with Willow, who is very happy to have the company. I'm hoping it will do Diesel some good to have a bit more responsibility but no lambs, and to be away from the regular pack and his brother for awhile. I’ll keep him with the yearling group unless we need the extra dog power back with the lambing flock.

Whiskey is doing a good job. He is often amidst the group of ewes with the newest lambs. He’s very calm, and he isn’t causing any interference. Some of the ewes are ornery with the dogs around the lambs and I’ve seen Whiskey get knocked hard. He respected the ewe after that and gave her some distance.