Lambing Kit

I’m taking on a new approach to processing lambs this year. So with the goal of doing as much as I can out on pasture as we lamb, I packed a pasture lambing kit .

During lambing my aim is to tag female lambs, dock tails and neuter male lambs and keep a few records while doing so.

This is what is in the kit:
Ear tags
Rings for tails and banding males
Banding tool for putting on rings
Needle and syringes
Lamb puller (which I’ve never used but feel good about having it along; I always seem to be without it and just use my hands)
Dissecting kit with scalpel, tweezers and probe
Spray marking paint
Iodine antiseptic spray (spraying wounds)
Hydrogen peroxide (for flushing wounds, also works well on maggots in cases of fly strike)
SWAT fly repellent (for wounds)
Wormer (because we worm case by case as needed, not the whole flock)

A bag of tags and this backpack of supplies goes with me on the Ranger.
Also on the Ranger are a fishing net and a leg crook, both used for catching young lambs.