End of A Stock Dog Clinic

The last three days were very full with hosting a stock dog clinic on Saturday and Sunday and an AHBA stock dog trial on Monday. This was interspersed with the early start of lambing.

Although it was extremely busy, I had a fabulous weekend. I always appreciate working dogs with clinicians Dave and Trudy Viklund. Their ability to read the intent of a dog and mold it when necessary, and to capture the subtlest details of the working relationship is so alluring to me.

The place was a buzz of activity and we were blessed to be immersed amongst a receptive and supportive cocktail mix of people and their dogs. The result was an remarkable interweaving of energy. Connections were made, ideas were exchanged, laughter was free and easy, hope was planted, challenges were faced, learning occurred, new dreams were started while some dreams were dashed.

When a weekend like this past one ends, there is a peculiar empty feeling lingering about the place. The feeling is particularly heavy when the reason people were gathered here is one I am so full of passion for.

All day long I wanted the weekend back.