Afternoon Out

We are starting into pasture rotations. The flock was moved on Sunday and again this morning. I’ll move them again day after tomorrow. The grass is there and is about to take off with a spurt of spring growth, I can feel it.

We always fall behind the grass in the spring when its growth is rapid. This year I’m moving the sheep a little earlier and keeping them going until they rotate through all the paddocks to see if I can keep up a little better. By the time we arrive back at paddock one there will be plenty of re-growth and about that time lambing should commence as well. Then our moves will slow.

We are receiving timely rain and a lot of it. It is soggy, cool and grey. When the rain drove us inside for the morning we decided it was a good day to get off the ranch for the afternoon. We headed to the city without much in mind but to go somewhere. Trips like that are rare for us but I find those trips are often the best. They aren’t filled with the usual list of farm supply / grocery shopping, and there is no real agenda to follow. Just time in the city; casual stops providing a reprieve from thinking about sheep and fencing and upcoming projects, and enjoying supper out.