Young Delinquents - Wandering LGD's

After catching Whiskey and Diesel out on another wandering escapade we set them in dogs runs for a day, then took them back out to pasture at night. The next morning we penned them again. This presented the opportunity of a refresher course in leash walking. Surprisingly, after just a short distance on the leash they settled into walking with us. Whiskey tried hanging back and stalling, but Diesel was right in the groove.

Here they are with Allen, heading out to pasture in the evening while I come along on the Ranger to do the night check and to pick up Allen so that he doesn’t have to walk home again.

While the dogs were up in the pens we made and fitted them with PVC triangle collars to prevent fence crawling. I found this suggestion in the document Guardian Dogs: Best Practice Manual for the use of Livestock Guardian Dogs by Linda van Bommel (2010) and thought I’d try it. I like the idea of the triangle collar because it still allows full freedom of movement, unlike a drag line. The collar won't prevent dogs from jumping fences but I suspect both these boys are crawling through.

Blogger won't let me paste the link directly to the PDF document so if you're interested in reading it you can find a link on the guardian dogs main page on the ranching-with-sheep website. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to find it.

The collars we made didn’t last the day. That evening both dogs were without the PVC triangle. Each dog was still wearing their collar, and the plastic cable ties we used to attach the PVC triangle to the collar were still on the collar. Only the PVC pieces were missing and I only found two of them on the pasture. We connected our triangle joins by drilling holes in the PVC and tightly tying with bale twine (oh, the uses of bale twine)! The twine didn’t last though. I suppose that with movement and the dogs possibly pawing with front feet and scratching with hind feet, the twine frayed. Next time we’ll try cable ties to join the PVC or maybe small bolts.  We’ll try the collars again but it might have to wait until we’re through with shearing.