Spring Treasures

The ewes are looking very rotund in their full, year long fleeces. The weather is very mild and I imagine the ewes are finding it a bit hot. I have spied a couple of ewes that need attention. It looks as though they could have used a dose of wormer in the fall but were missed or perhaps more likely, didn’t need it then but do now. They will not likely be in lamb.

The ewes are doing a fair bit of grazing and they are snipping the seed heads of last years grasses. Nature’s grain.

The guard dogs have been busy since we set the flock in the new pasture and we often find them resting now. I do not notice as much play happening between them in the evenings. They are eager to eat at meal times and Glory has already shed some of her winter fat. There is regular sing-song of coyote and LGD’s in the late evenings.

We are no longer night penning the flock. It is drier and cleaner on pasture so we are leaving the sheep where they are. We do a tour each evening (drive around on the Ranger) and make sure everyone is tucked together for nightfall.

I found this treasure while doing an evening check of the flock.

It is a shed moose antler. Moose (and elk) have arrived to this area within the last couple of years. Seeing and holding the antler I feel connected to a greater existence. A much wilder one; one that extends well beyond our own back forty. It causes me to wonder, what do I have to offer back?