Spring Shimmers

I think it is due to the lack of snow cover but there is a shimmer of green wherever I walk across the land. The ground has it, the trees have it, even the wetlands seems to reflect it. And yet looking down at my feet the colors are very decidedly still a mesh of old winter browns.

Is the green really there or only that I know with such a deep conviction that it will be there, that I see it before it exists? It is this way for me every spring. 

There is never any doubt about the trees leafing out and green grass showing up each spring because I know Mother Nature has clear and ideal intentions to make it so. Intentions that are not marred by self doubt and indecision as some of my own are. Animals carry the same clear and ideal intentions, it’s one of the reasons I admire them so.

It is interesting to have such a strong conviction about something happening that you never question your belief about it; maybe you don't even think about it. If that sense of knowing carried over into our abilities to make a living off of the land, just imagine the shift in farming mentality and what we could do.