Shearing Prelude

Just a short post tonight. We’re through the first day of shearing. Five shearers were here for the evening and sheared the first 240 head. The pace was quick and we were hopping.  Not even time for taking a photo.

There were a few more last minute logistics we had to work out due to shearing school taking place Saturday and Sunday.

Cajun was the work dog for the evening. He worked his heart out. We start out with the entire flock and he was on edge with the number of ewes.  It was a hairy start but I kept him in hoping he’d come through. He worked solo the whole evening and we both settled down. He came out with an injured hind foot so I’m guessing he got stepped on. Just a very slight limp so I'll see how he is in the morning. He's fast asleep already.

I’ll share more about our shearing weekend when I have a bit of time at the end. It’s late and I still have to get a few things in order for the next couple days. People will be arriving for an 8 am start tomorrow. Since we finished up in the dark tonight, some lucky dog and I will be up early to move the rams in, and to move the first two hundred shorn sheep out to pasture (and out of the way), and then split the remaining group of sheep to keep some in for the first day and let some go to feed, all before we get started tomorrow.  I’ll try to snap a few photos too.