Gearing Up For Shearing

We are busy gearing up for our wool harvest which takes place this upcoming weekend.

The front end wall of the shearing shed has finally been put up. So nice to have that done. Above the shearing area we’ve added an overhead rail for hanging multiple shearing machines. Next we’ll put the shearing floor down. We lifted it last year to make full use of the building. The week will also be full of collecting all the various items we need to make the day a little smoother.

Since we are hosting shearing school there are a few more considerations to take into account. We need a larger shearing floor and room for half a dozen shearing stations. We need to accommodate hanging the shearing machines and plugging them in (hence the rail). The electric packer is coming this year so that meant adding in a 30 Amp circuit.

Then there is the logistics of it all. Friday night five shearers will be here to do the first couple hundred head since they won’t be able to do all the sheep during a two day teaching course. Saturday and Sunday there will be an additional dozen people here to learn how to shear. People need to be fed and watered (we turn the feeding over to a caterer). We need lunch tables, coffee, snacks, porta potty at the shearing shed and a whole lot of other small things that go along with hosting. We need extra hands not just for one day but for three. That’s the hardest thing to come by!

We need to have pens set up indoors to house a lot of sheep in a hurry should rain threaten. Before shearing day we’ll need to seperate some animals, and make sure we have a pen for the rams.

Aaahh, but I do like shearing time. The wool harvest is the first bustling occasion of the year and it marks the start of the production cycle on the ranch. It’s busy, it’s means juggling everything around, it means a lot of stock dog work, it means company will be here...