We've Worked Ourselves Out of A Job

Our routine of gathering the sheep each evening and night penning them has established the habit of flocking together at nightfall in our flock. Without us even gathering them anymore the flock will be in a group by the time dark approaches. The dogs and I have worked ourselves out of a job. Although the flock would not be doing this were it not for the dogs and I gathering every evening for the past few months.

One interesting change, is that for the past week, rather than come into the night pen, the ewes come to the corner of the paddock closest to the night pen and bed down on a hillside there. Taking their lead we have been leaving them out rather than insist they be in the night pen. The hillside is a clean slate of pasture, and can use the manure fertilizer deposited by several hundred sheep. Our main purpose is to see that they are all gathered together for the night, and a quick check on the Ranger ensures that they are.

We are down to the last handful of bales on the winter pasture. After the last bale is gone, we’ll keep the sheep there for an extra day or two. With the snow gone, they’ll travel about and do further clean up.  Then we'll move the flock to a new pasture and begin the process of settling the flock and re-establishing the routine in a whole new area. Which means work again for the dogs and I.