Under The Weather

It is a good time of the year to get out and work dogs because the pace on the ranch is smooth and easy and the weather is bearable, particularly this year because there is little snow on the ground. In a month or so the pace will grow more hectic as we push to get outdoor work done in our limited outdoor-work season.

So the last few days I’ve fit in working dogs and horses regularly, seperate from the farm chores. This afternoon was no exception and Cajun and I had a lovely session, repeating the connected feeling I had with Jayde yesterday. Then I came in and the flu all but knocked me off my feet. Allen was really sick two days ago and I started feeling it earlier today but it really came on quickly this afternoon.

Allen just nicely got over the hump with the flu yesterday and then slipped on ice, jarred his shoulder and damaged it.

Just as animals pay no heed to holidays and vacations they also pay no heed to the fact that you don’t feel up to, or capable, of feeding them. The downfall of ranch work when there is only one person most of the time and two occasionally - you can’t phone in sick.

That’s alright though and there is no need to complain because when I do get back inside, I can lay on the couch without guilt and replay the moments of effortless and connected work with the stock dogs. I can plan for the same with Gibson and BJ. I can quiet my mind and take direction from my soul.

And I can still get to the computer, type a few words, find a photo to share and use the moment to say thanks for reading. It’s great connecting with you. I'm off to bed.

Gibbs and BJ
Does this photo remind you of anyone? 

Cajun and Gibbs last fall


  1. I just discovered your blog and am finding it fascinating.
    I have been tied to sheep,dogs,coyotes,and grass for all of my adult life.I believe that you & I see life in a very similar way.
    My wife,daughter & I raise 200 or so Friesien/Dorset ewes near Bashaw Alberta.
    Get well asap

  2. Bill, welcome to the blog and thank you for the comment, it made my day. It is a treasure to hear that you share a similar philosophy. I am so encouraged by that.


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