This and That and A Little Artwork Too

We have made good progress on doing the paper work for the purpose of taxes, with Allen doing the bulk of the data entering - bless him. We need to update our livestock inventory sheets and I still need to do our cost of production figuring. Then we take it all to the accountant.

The ewes are doing a considerable amount of grass grazing (rather than eating hay) on the second winter pasture we’ve just moved them to. This a very early start to grazing for our climate and I love to see them doing it. They are still consuming some hay, and there are always ewes who will eat the easiest feed available, but the majority of them will go for grass as soon as they can get it.

The land they are on contains a lot of scrub and thistle. It is a piece of cropland, abandoned and gone wild with weeds and a little grass. We’ve done little with it except put animals on it occasionally. It needs a great deal of TLC and a heck of a lot more animal impact to make a dent in it. That or to be tilled and reseeded, an option I don’t prefer as much but one we're still considering.

Aside from moving sheep back and forth each day and finishing paper work I am preparing for an art display at the local library.  It’s my first shot at showing my artwork anywhere so even though it’s a small display set up at the local library, I am so pumped about it. I decided to stick to the theme of canines and have titled the display K9 Attraction.

This is one of my recent pieces. It is sitting on my art table, waiting for me to decide if I’m done with it or not.

I just love drawing the Kelpies. I suppose because they own a piece of my heart, but also because they are so lithe and athletic looking.