Number Crunching

This is the time of year that we do a lot of number crunching and waiting. The number crunching is for figuring cost of production and for tax purposes.

The waiting is on the weather. Due to the very cold winters a lot of outdoor ranch work is put on hold each year.  During the cold season we make plans for the upcoming year. Right around March is when we're getting close enough to spring weather that we begin feel antsy about getting out and starting a project or two and finishing the ones that never got done the previous year.

Even though spring is here on the calendar, the ground is still frozen and in a routine winter we're still buried with snow, although we are not this year.

This year we’re planning to start work on the paddock where the shearing shed is situated. It is time to develope permanent holding pens and handling areas for both the sheep and cows. Right now everything around here is portable, not fixed. We've kept to a few cows because we don't have the set up to handle them. If we set up something a little more substantial, we'll be able to handle cattle and it will also give us a pen to work horses in, something we also hope to start this year.

The dogs, pasture walks and the occasional small job provide a welcome break from the paper work.  This morning, with Jaydes help I took our February born lambs and the ewes out to pasture to join the main flock. Beforehand, using Jayde to hold the group of sheep in a corner, I was able to catch the lambs and dock their tails before walking them out.