LGD Rescue Situation

There is a dog rescue situation taking place in Montana, involving numerous livestock guardian dogs. I’m trying to keep tabs on how it unfolds because I think there is a chance of these dogs being decent LGD’s, which, I have to say, isn’t always the case with rescues.

How do I feel about rescues becoming working dogs?

I think what’s important is what situation the dog is coming from. Then how much interference and handling the rescue group has done and how long the dog has been away from a work situation.

In this case the dogs are said to be running wild and are described as being very aloof toward people.  Some are with livestock (sheep), the rest wandering, causing neighbours to solve the problem as they see fit. The dogs are Great Pyr X Akbash. There are several pups, young adults and also some pregnant females. The dogs will be altered, vetted and be given vaccinations.

These dogs will require work and a lot of monitoring in a new place, but every LGD added to the ranch does. What I’d like to know though is how wild is wild, and if the dogs are essentially on their own then just how much time are they spending with the livestock? What are they eating? Not a lot of definite answer to these questions yet.

The rescue group, bless them, has realized these dogs are probably not good candidates for pets (their first hope) and are therefore trying to place them into working homes. While you may think this makes the most sense, this is not a common approach amongst LGD breed rescue groups.

These dogs are in Montana and shipping can be arranged. Price for the dogs is unknown. The contact person is Carol Long. 406 375-0719