Fresh Perspectives

I loaded Cajun and Jayde in the truck and traveled about an hour for some training time with a very gifted and experienced stock man.

It may not sound like anything special but it is. I live in a very rural place. I’m on my own a significant amount of the time. I work dogs by myself and eventually I get to a point where I can’t see what is happening because I’m always in the middle of making it happen.

So an afternoon with the eyes and knowledge of a gifted dog man was splendid.

Not to pit the dogs against one another, but Cajun is the dog I have more trouble with and Jayde is often the dog I take for granted. So I told the fellow when I arrived “I’ll work him first,” as I pointed at Cajun. “He’s the one I have the most trouble with.”  Well, those two dogs must have had a conversation on the way over, perhaps something about switching it up, because it was Cajun who kept his cool and Jayde who needed to go back to kindergarten.

The real pleaser though, was working dogs in the company of another human being and the fresh perspectives. I long for that and can’t wait for the upcoming stock dog events we’re hosting again this summer.

On a related hosting topic, we’re beginning to plan for shearing in incremental ways. Shearing will happen late in April. We’re hosting shearing school this year so shearing will happen over two or three days rather than the usual one. It also means a group of people other than the shearing crew will be here. Early planning includes finding someone to cater the lunch meals. It is so much simpler for me if someone else is looking after the food. That and to put the word out that there is opportunity to work with a lot of sheep, with dogs or without. Extra hands are always needed.