Putting Two and Two Together

Yesterday morning Oakley and Glory were sporting a new look that said both had been in a tussle. They were painted with a small amount of blood, but had no injuries and were very tired. Whiskey and Diesel were clean and unscathed.

Beginning to seriously doubt the stability of my pack of LGD’s, I was shaking my head for a bit. Yet it seemed highly unlikely to me that the dogs had tangled with each other. I know these dogs, and everyone has been jiving with one another just fine, it just didn’t fit. So what happened? 

Well, right after morning chores we received a clue about the adventure they had been on.

After chores, Allen headed over to his Dad’s place. About a mile from our place a coyote caught his attention. The coyote exited our pasture and crossed the road in front of the truck. He/She was ear tattered and bloodied and newly so. It seemed we had our answer regarding what Glory and Oakley were up to.

The coyotes have been very active the last week or so. Each evening is full of yips and calls coming from all directions. Last night I spent a few moments standing outside in the dark calm, watching Northern Lights dance and listening to coyotes sing. I felt very small and very grateful for the guardian dogs.