Home With A Burradoo Kelpie

You know you have had a good trip when coming home is difficult.

Our trip to Montana and the Burradoo Ranch, home to Bill and Janice Mytton and a fabulous band of Kelpies was well worth the drive, as I suspected it might be.

There are some people and places who, even though you have spent only a brief time with them, change you; leave you feeling more whole somehow. Bill and Janice Mytton and the Burradoo Kelpies are like that. Honest and fun people, beautiful place, great working dogs, and no dog trialing or dog breeding politics involved. I would return in a heartbeat.

The work for the Burradoo Kelpies is primarily gathering cattle in the rugged terrain of the Absaroka/Beartooth Wilderness, but a small group of sheep are also on hand for training. The dogs are primarily worked from horseback.

Bill with his dogs Becker and Muster

During our couple days there, we exercised dogs in the foothills, worked dogs on sheep, traveled to see a bit of the countryside, talked dogs almost nonstop, shared meals and laughed a lot. And yes, we picked out a puppy.

I knew I would like to get a kelpie from Bill and Janice after meeting up with them, and seeing one of their dogs work, at a stockdog clinic back in 2008.  Three and a half years later that tiny dream has happened.  I haven’t named this little girl yet although Allen started calling her BJ and the name is beginning to stick.

You can see more of the Burradoo Ranch Kelpies at burradooranch.com.