Busy and Alert LGD's

The guardian dogs are very active right now and are on the alert. We hear them at night, barking, barking, barking. We also hear the coyotes they are possibly conversing with. It sounds as though we are surrounded by them.

For the last couple of days there is one or two dogs who are either already gone in the morning or do not show up with the flock round up in the evening. Said missing dogs always show up in short order or are there the next time we check.

A day ago, Diesel was sporting a dozen or so porcupine quills in his nose. Last night Oakley was wearing a fine, small paint of blood. This morning three dogs were lying outside the gate rather than inside of it.  Nearby was a sizable chunk of deer hide.

And this - this is what happens to netting when guard dogs want to get somewhere.

This is a piece of netting we have strung across as a make shift gate in order to create the night pen area we are using. Works fine for sheep but not so for dogs. The netting is not electrified as it doesn’t need to be to contain sheep right now (there is no greener grass on the other side of the fence during a Saskatchewan winter :-) ).

Because we cannot push the spikes into the frozen ground and there is no snow to set the spikes into, the netting is just strung tight and as a result the bottom is raised off the ground. So the dogs can easily go underneath or as Glory does, jump over. But someone decided through was the only way out. And a determined LGD is almost an unstoppable one.


  1. cordless drills and an appropriatly spike-sized drill will get them in the ground...

  2. Good idea Laura. Would have worked well this year since we have little snow. Typically we have enough snow pack to hold the netting. I guess either way it would not have deterred the LGDs though.


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