Breeding Time Ends and A Lambing Spurt Begins

Breeding time has ended and the rams have been sorted off from the main flock and now reside with the cows and the horses. With the rams pulled out from the main flock, the dogs and I pared down the ewe lamb group today; keeping about 30 head seperate for the purpose of training stock dogs and taking the rest out to pasture to rejoin the main flock.

Back in September when we brought ewes and lambs into the yard to sort market lambs we discovered a ram in with the ewes. I remember it because it was also a dog day of disaster when me and my stock dogs fell apart.

That ram escapade resulted in ten ewes lambing this past week, producing seventeen lambs.

I read other blogs and Facebook posts by friends and every one else is lambing at this time of the year on purpose. Not us. We are not set up for winter lambing. For us it is a hassle.

Nonetheless, it’s a hassle we have dealt with. We set up panels to make pens in the shearing shed. We juggled the heat light as new lambs came in and hauled feed and water to the ewes each day. Some of the lambs were born outside, some were born inside. Remarkably, with the exception of one lamb born on a frigid morning in a snow drift, the lambs born outside fared just fine. We lost three of the lambs in total but all else is going smoothly.

Tomorrow I will walk the ewes with the oldest lambs out to join the small group of ewe lambs outdoors.