LGD Pups at 10 Months Old

Whiskey and Diesel are just shy of ten months old. They are just about as big as Oakley is and Oakley is well over one hundred pounds.

They are still working out on pasture with Oakley, Glory, and Lady.

They are working well and since a lot of how a guard dog turns out depends on how it is raised, it is satisfying to see that one has done a least a decent job of it. 

We often see Whiskey scanning the horizon and watching intently. Especially when the flock arrives out on pasture in the AM. We see him perched on top of bales. He will travel with Oakley and Glory and will leave the pasture with them when they feel compelled to pursue something. Although he returns to the flock in short order, often before the other two. He is very approachable and likes attention but is far less pushy than his brother is.

Diesel is more of a follower than a leader. He remains pretty close to the flock with Lady. He once received a great shock from the electric fence, right on his nose, and since has never attempted to cross the wires, even though the other dogs do. He likes to receive attention.

Both pups are still lead by their stomachs and are always waiting at the main gate when we come to feed. We have to continually remind them about manners at feeding time. Oakley is firm with them, not letting either of them try any tricks like looking at his food.

They co-habitate well together. I was expecting more sibling rivalry between the two of them by this age but maybe that is yet to come. They do have arguments but seem to settle themselves quickly. All in all, we are pretty pleased with them.