Trip Planning

Gibson, the pup who arrived in the fall, sort of ended up in my lap without a lot of prior planning. He was an unexpected opportunity that I couldn’t leave behind.

The pup I have planned for is in Montana and I’m heading there to see the litter next week. It seems crazy to have two pups at once but sometimes it’s the way things work out.  I’m going with the flow and open to seeing where it leads.

Allen has decided to come with me, which means getting this place ready to leave it. One bonus of managing as we do is that with a little extra prep ahead of time we can make it very simple for someone to come and take care of.

I spent the morning rolling out enough hay to last for the time we’re gone. Someone will visit in the mornings to feed guard dogs and open the gate for the sheep. Someone else will visit in the evening, gather the flock with the help of his Border Collies, feed guard dogs again and close the gate for the night.

The adult stock dogs are being boarded. And Gibson, who is six months old will travel with us.

So next week there will be a lull in posts.

When I return I’ll introduce both pups in full.