Simple Suitable Work

Cajun is still the dog I take to pasture in the evening for gathering the flock. There is a lot of ground to cover but the work is short and simple.

I am not training him to any particular skill but rather building the number of opportunities to do thoughtful, meaningful work in order to build his confidence.

He has no trouble with the distances and loves to cover ground. Because this is a nightly routine the sheep are familiar with, the ewes readily move where we need them to go which is just what Cajun needs right now.

When he gathers he is beginning to look for sheep which is lovely to see.

If I take a moment to get into his mind before I send him, he'll do a thoughtful job. If I let him go when his intention is hurried and rushed, he is more likely to do something rash.

Counter to Cajun, Jayde is the dog I use to push to the ewes into the night pen each night. She has gathering down pat, so she can use the variety of work that this presents, some of which Cajun is not up to yet.

So while the work for each is not extensive right now there is simple, suitable work for each dog, every night. It is work we are all enjoying.