Peaceful Pace

The peaceful pace of winter continues. The rams have settled into their pecking order and into the business of breeding. During the first couple of days with the ewes the rams are full of energy and things are hectic and frantic as they are each vying for the ewes that are in heat. As their energy wanes so does their desire to expend it fighting over ewes.

During breeding this year we have three groups of animals. The main flock which travels out and back to pasture every day. A flock of hand selected ewes who are with the purebred Clun Forest ram lambs. And the ewe lambs who are seperated so they do not get bred. Cows are with the main flock. Horses and llamas are with the hand selected breeding group.

Chores are pretty simple and accomplished by early-mid morning. Evening gathers with Cajun are now a welcome part of the day. A sign that I am leaving behind our struggles and growing into this dog again. I have not attempted any other training with him. Something tells me to wait.

This morning I spent some time sitting on the ground with the ewe lambs, trying to get a few head shot pictures.  Sheep are so curious when you sit with them. I rarely feel so observed than when I am sitting in the company of sheep. They watch and watch, even when it looks they are not.