LGD's and The Cows

I captured these photos one sunny morning a couple weeks ago. I was pleased to see the dogs and the cows close together. Proof that the guard dogs are adjusting to the cows being with the flock.

This is Whiskey with the bull in the background. 
In the next picture it is Lady who is lying next to Whiskey which is quite remarkable considering she is the one who made the largest commotion about cows being near her sheep.

The cows and the sheep graze together and they are each very used to the other. Our calves grow up with ewes and lambs. The cows  know to come with the flock when feed is being rolled out. Sheep graze right next to and sometimes almost under the cows. A few ewes even move around the pasture with the cows rather than the other members of their flock.

We let the cows determine whether or not they get night penned. If they happen to be off on their own in the evening when we gather, we just let them be. They always catch up with the flock the next morning at feeding and we are not nearly as concerned about predators bothering the cows right now.