LGD Willow

A short time ago, in a moment of bravery, I opened the gate and let Willow join the guard dog pack on pasture. Previous fights between Willow and Glory had me wondering if it was a wise move but I felt that things had shifted in the pack and it was time to try again.

The initial interactions between the two females were stiff and each kept an eye on the other. They weren't going to be friends but seemed willing to leave each other alone, or at least watch one another from a distance.

For the next week I let Willow work on pasture during the day but placed  her back with the rams overnight. I was okay with how this was going and felt hopeful that finally we could let Willow join this pasture pack for good.

In the end it wasn't fights between the females that ended Willows stint on pasture and left me disappointed. I want Willow to have the increased work and the companionship of the other guard dogs, both of which come with being out on pasture. But Willow's true colors came through and once comfortable on pasture she began to leave it. She took to wandering, a practice she learned as a younger dog from a male dog which we no longer have.

So Willow is back with the ewe lambs in a smaller paddock more securely fenced than pasture fence. And she wants out - I think because she is bored and that she wants to be with the other dogs; particularly the two Anatolian pups, Whiskey and Diesel, who spent considerable time with her as pups. I feel so sad for her. Since I can't place her on pasture with the other dogs perhaps I have to consider another pup or dog to stay with her.