LGD Artwork

Artwork is an activity I reserve as a winter pass-time. Thus each winter I restart and dabble a little bit. Then put it aside come spring when life gets busier. The drawback of stopping and starting with artwork is that it takes me several pieces to feel my way back into my method.

With this winters restart I find myself feeling more and more drawn to drawing and my perspective has shifted from art as a pass-time to art as another avenue to share. This year is the first time I am contemplating the possibility of not setting it aside come spring but making time for it year round.

This winter restart is also the first time I have found myself with so many ideas passing through my head that the challenge has become deciding which subject pieces to work on first; the sheep, the guardian dogs, the kelpies ??? I want to draw them all.

Well, I opted for some pictures of the livestock guardian dogs to get me going, as these dogs speak to me on such a deep level.  Just for the purpose of sharing, here are my first few, rough, restarts into my form of creativity.

Off to Work


Pups Cautious Approach


  1. Beautiful work! You are most talented! Especially the dog with the sheep, the last one, it is full of...love.

  2. I see you are using your time wisely to develope a fine artistic skill! Nice job on these!


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