Latching onto Labels

I do not strictly follow holistic management texts yet a lot of what I do is holistic.

I do not follow organic trends yet many of my approaches are gleaned from organic farmers.

I do not consider myself a naturalist yet all my farming practices take into consideration a natural approach.

Natural, organic, holistic, industrial, conventional, factory
- they are all labels of farming. Yet farming is a difficult practice to stuff into one label, nor should it be.

If we get too rigid about about practicing one method of farming, or one method of training stock dogs or one method of art.... the list goes on, we can find ourselves pigeon holed into the boundaries of that method. We become blind to the options presented by other methods. Our buffet of choices is severely limited by that blindness. We think we are thinking outside the box when in fact we don't see outside of the box and therefore, we don't expand into a full expression of ourselves.

Nature is far too dynamic for there to be only one way to do something. At some point the goal needs to be more that fitting into a label. At some point we need to grow in a manner that reflects the relevance of our own self, rather than the relevance of a label.