Cold Factor and Kelpies

It has turned very cold, the air is crisp and clear. We are under wind chill warnings (approaching minus forty).

I’m wearing llama socks on my feet, a wool sweater on my back, and a couple layers worth of clothing in between. That’s for around the house. Going outside requires a further ten minutes worth of getting dressed in assorted layers, head and hand gear.

It sounds like squeaking styrofoam when we walk on the snow. A few hundred sheep walking on the snow is loud. Sound carries further and everything contracts, even the wires on the power lines, making them tight with no sag - looking like they are about to snap. The animals living outside expend a lot of their food energy to stay warm.

The Ranger would not run this morning so we headed out in the truck. It was a welcome treat to roll out hay and then get back into a warm vehicle.

Since we were using the truck, we took the pup with us for the ride. Gibson hasn’t been out to pasture with us yet since it’s so cold riding on the open Ranger.

He has seen sheep on the opposite side of the fence but not this many of them trotting past to go to feed and not cows with them. This was something entirely new. He barked at the big, black cows as they passed the truck, then barked at all the moving sheep. Then barked at the guard dogs when they came running toward the truck. He’s full of bark lately (and leather from eating my slipper). Yes, this is my next ranch dog.  :)

The Ranger did run this afternoon, thanks to one of those men who can make anything run.  Thankfully it was a shorter ride as the cold even convinced the sheep to come in on their own. They were already in the night pen, rooting in the bedding, when we headed out to gather.