I spent some time today winterizing the Ranger.

This has nothing to do with new tires or a cab or even a windshield to help keep me warmer while riding. But it did include a crate in the back to make the dogs more comfortable.

The kennel is wrapped with a wool blanket inside. It's wrapped to keep the wind off the dog while riding. The dogs typically ride chained in the back but it's getting colder for them to ride that way. I can dress in many layers for riding - them, not so much.

Two kennels fit perfectly side by side but I needed room for other stuff and right now I only take one dog with me (the spare dog gets too cold waiting or maybe I just have wimpy dogs).

A few bags of old seed and a bag of livestock salt are packed on either side of the kennel. These are needed for weight since we use the Ranger to unroll bales. The salt is distributed as needed and replenished with another bag as needed.

Pins for the bale un-roller lie in the back or in the storage box along with Allens' homemade tool for cutting bale twines.

A pitchfork rides behind the seat. It is used to peel layers of hay on bales that prove difficult to roll out freely on their own.

And finally a short handled crook tucks in perfectly at the foot of the kennel. I always like to carry one when working dogs.

Cajun and I made an inaugural trip this afternoon and he isn't as happy riding in a kennel and not seeing where he's going, but once he was in and out a couple times to work sheep he figured it was okay to load up and ride in the crate.