Winter Begins

Today we appreciate the first day of winter. Our shortest day of the year has passed.

Although it means we’ll be heading into our coldest months of the year it also means our daylight hours will begin to lengthen again.

With each new day the sun will rise a moment earlier and set a moment later. The extension of daylight marks a great turning point for me. After watching the landscape die off and go into its dormant state, it marks the first step of moving back toward a living state.

In my mind spring suddenly seems not so far off.


  1. It won't be long now before I have my nose in seed catalogs! And when I get my new dayplanner, I will count back the weeks from May 23 to see when I can start some veggies indoors, ready for transplanting! :-) Bring on Spring!

    Thats what I love about Canada, is the awesome difference between the seasons. It's not that pronounced in S.Africa and I think having these really distinct seasons, makes one appreciate them all the more for what they are.

  2. Yes, I too feel a deep appreciation for our distinct seasons. When one is tied to the land the seasons seem so pronounced in a lot of extra ways.


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