Sheep Full Days

The last couple days were full of sheep; well more so than usual anyway.

Wednesday we were on the road. We traveled Southward to pick up a few new ram lambs and enjoyed a most wonderful visit with some fellow sheep, dog and critter loving people.  Dogs, ducks, rabbits, highland cows, miniature horses and pigs were among the assorted critters there.

Thursday we spent the morning sorting sheep in preparation to sell some ewes.  I employed the two border collies, Jayde and Fynn, for the mornings work of moving sheep around but left Cajun out of the festivities. He wasn’t too pleased with that arrangement but I’m being very selective about the work I give him right now.  Tonight he was back out with me on pasture doing some gathers.

Allen is putting a front end wall on our shearing shed/barn and has it about half finished. The remainder of the front end wall will be the same canvas material, custom cut to fit.

Sorting the sheep meant finding out how the animals moved in and out of the building with the new half-wall and door there. With several hundred animals it matters a good deal how the flow works. It caused no issues; the sheep filed in without too much trouble.

Our shed is a very long and narrow space but nonetheless with the front wall finished I’m looking forward to using the covered space this winter.