One of My Favorite Things

Last week Jayde moved several hundred sheep so that we could sort ewe lambs out.

Tonight she moved two ewes back to the night pen. Breeding time is very close and every evening there are ewes lounging on the opposite side of the fence from the rams. Every evening Jayde pushes them off and back to the night pen before dark.

In between last week and tonight she has worked various numbers of sheep and sometimes cows too. Sometimes the work is simple, sometimes it is challenging.

This is what I love about dogs and ranch work.  It reminds me to admire my dogs for who they are rather than judging them for how good I think they should be.  It gives me encouragement that both them and I are very capable of good work. It reminds me that belittling their abilities or my own, under the guise that they are just ranch dogs and not trial dogs is completely fruitless. The dogs love to work and the label they work under is entirely unnoticed by them.  This is what it is all about.