I don't post very often about PJ and Cheerio as I do tend to forget about mentioning them, such is the way they seamlessly blend in here.

PJ and Cheerio are llamas. PJ has been here for a long time, even before most of the guard dogs arrived on the scene. She seems to receive automatic acceptance from them. Cheerio, who arrived this summer, is still an outcast trying to figure out where he fits in. The pack doesn't want him to be with the flock.

Even though, in our larger open pastures, the guard dogs are more effective predator control animals, PJ and Cheerio do provide lookout duty. They are alert during the day and make all sorts of chirps and whinnies and the sheep learn to crowd around them.

PJ is always with the flock and on numerous occasions she has led the flock in or out of a paddock or the barn. Sometimes the sheep even wait for her, not going anywhere until they see what PJ does. Right now, she is always first one tucked out of the winter wind and bedded down in the night paddock.

The llamas use the threat of spitting very well. If feeling crowded by pushy ewe's PJ will drop her head, put her nose in a ewes face and 'ppfftt'.  She never seems to actually spit but it's highly effective in making sheep move away (works on dogs too and people).

We never set out to get llamas and both of these were free offers. We're not entirely sure why we have them but they do add a lovely character to the place.