Kelpie Tolerance

The border collies, Fynn and Jayde, will not tolerate this type of behavior from a young pup but Cajun tolerates all sorts of things from this little fellow.

He tolerates the innocently rude puppy behavior.

He shares his bones with the puppy (something he would not do with any other dog)...

he shares his sleeping space...

they play constantly, inside and outside.

It’s an unexpected, amazing quality for a dog who can be such an ass in a lot of other situations.


  1. Sharing a bone?? That is truly amazing. Do you think they will stay that close when the pup grows up? I love the photo of them wrestling on the chair.

  2. I think they always need a "special buddy" within their pack. Since he was the odd man out, it makes sense that he's training his own up from the beginning!

    Love the picture with the pup chewing on his ear!!

  3. It is remarkable that they share a bone. If the bone is fresh and therefore high value, there is no sharing then. Once chewed, it seems everything can be shared.

    I think they will stay buddies yes. But I don't think all these allowances will remain. The pup is just a little tyke, as he matures Cajun will set more boundaries.

  4. Laura, the odd man out is an interesting observation. I wonder that too. My girlfriend also has a theory about dogs recognizing and liking others of the same breed more.

    The pup is a sibling to Cajun so maybe there is some undetected link there too.

    That picture is great in larger size as you can see Cajun's expression so clearly. :)


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