Intuitive Masters

One thing I have learned through observing groups of dogs is that pack dynamics are never static, they are dynamic and constantly shifting.

The alpha will not be the alpha in all situations. Nor will they always be the alpha.

New dogs arriving while current dogs grow older guarantees constant adjustment on everyone's part.

Pups are always in limbo, not always secure in how or where they fit in.

There are some dogs who seek to rock the boat as much as possible and some who are so quiet as to hardly be noticed by the other members. 

Dogs you think will make a stand may surprise you by quietly turning away.

And dogs you think will never cause trouble stand up one day and cause a whole pot of it.

Dogs can be all these characters because dogs are masters at intuitively assimilating every situation. Within a pack they do it all the time. If we utilized even half of their ability (and we do have the same ability) it would change us. 

This is one remarkable element of dogs that I crave more of. It isn't only training them that pushes my envelope, but to absorb that intuitive ability they so eloquently display every time I watch them.