Ewe Lambs

We seperated the ewe lambs from the flock yesterday. Among the group of them are two who were not yet weaned off of the ewe. These two raised a bit of a fuss, calling for moms. The rest were naturally weaned so the separation causes them little concern.

We have opted not to breed our ewe lambs except for a few particularly larger ones. The rams will be going out with the ewes soon thus the ewe lambs needed to be seperated.

We retained all our ewe lambs this year. We will let them grow up here and if we discover there are some that we do not like we can revisit that in the springtime and decide to sell then. Right now I am pretty pleased with our group.

Since the ewe lambs will not be bred they are the group of sheep that I use for stock dog training. So they do earn their keep, just in another manner. The dogs and I will lightly work this group over the winter. Next summer, at which time the lambs will be yearlings, they will be used in training clinics.