End of A Year

Rams are out with the ewes. The subsequent lambing time is noted on the 2012 calendar.

We selected a small group of prime ewes and placed them with the three new maternal breed ram lambs to build our replacement ewe flock from. The main breeding group is with the cross bred rams for growing market lambs. Ewe lambs are separate from everyone else so that they don't get bred. Sheep and dogs are settled into the winter time routine. The two cows are bred, the two calves are growing well. The bull is content with his little group. Plans for new chicks to arrive in the spring are in place.

Writing it all down, it sounds like I know what I am doing and have it all under control. Yet ranching with nature in mind has taught me that more things are out of our control than are in it. And I am learning that this is precisely the way it should be.

Because being in control is not my purpose.

My purpose is to go with the flow of my instincts and desires, rather than struggle against them. And if I were one to make New Years Wishes they would be along these lines:

To listen to the nudges, respect the gut, and embrace the fear.

Then to act in a manner that will move me in the direction I desire, yet not be attached to the outcomes. 

To let life be deliciously out of control and appreciate the freedom that comes with it.

Happy New Year Everyone