Cows Rejoin the Flock

As the grazing becomes tougher, the hay feed becomes the easier feed. The ewes have caught on to the bale un-roller. Before we get the roller hooked up, and the twines cut on the first bale the ewes have arrived and are waiting for the feed to unroll.  Having the whole flock congregate where feed is being rolled out makes life easier for the guardian dogs.

The cows are once again back with the flock. They were pulled out late in the summer when the then new guardian dogs decided cows didn’t belong with sheep. The dogs kept the cows seperated all the time. We didn’t have the time to monitor the dogs so we sent the cows to be with the rams for the remainder of the season.  Here they were with Willow, who easily accepts every creature we put with her. So the cows had a chance to stay with a dog who didn't harass them.

Now, since we’re on pasture for more than an hour in the morning to roll out feed, we can keep an eye on the other five dogs and correct any unwanted behavior toward the cows. We can do the same when traveling back and forth and when everyone comes together again at night. After being corrected a few times Lady has decided it’s safer to pretend the cows don’t exist, although it hasn't changed her mind about liking them.  The other four dogs already seem to be more accepting and Whiskey and Diesel have been calmly investigating the cows up close. 

Just sheep for me.....thanks