Cats and Muskrats

Oliver thought he should check out the rodent crossing the yard. He moved in every so patiently and said rodent seemed oblivious to his approach, although I highly doubt that was the case.

I wonder if Oliver was feeling lucky to so easily sneak up on this catch of the day.

Muskrats come by their mean streak honestly and this fellow was no exception. If you remember it was a muskrat that we thought was responsible for wounds to Oakleys face this fall.

Oliver changed his tune about having this rodent for lunch but what was remarkable was how the two interacted afterward. The muskrat knew he wasn't somebodies lunch and continued leisurely on his way. No concern about the cat who followed him everywhere.

And since he wasn't going to tackle this rodent, Oliver seemed to take on a curiosity about it. He followed the muskrat through the yard until it left.



  1. How exciting. It is always incredible to be an observer of nature. No one is less or more important than the other creature.

  2. Indeed, it is a rather incredible. You have said it well. I think I may write about that in a future post...

  3. Thanks Laura, always a treasure to know you are here reading. :)


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