Breeding Plans

The rams will go out with the ewes this week. After a month of ewes traipsing along the fence line the rams will welcome the open gate opportunity. :)

With pasture lambing in Saskatchewan there is a relatively small window of opportune time. I would love to lamb in early May, however, we have experienced two years of terrible weather at that time and have become gun shy. So once again we will aim for lambing to start during the last week of May.

While we don't want to lamb too early due to cold spring weather we also feel there is a point that is too late for breeding and the number of ewes who will catch with a lamb will decrease if we hold off too long.

The final consideration on lambing is somewhat trivial but is still taken into account. We host stock dog clinics in mid May and it certainly goes smoother if we are not into the full swing of lambing at the same time.