Winter's Arrival

On the prairies we adjust to four pretty distinct seasons yet somehow the adjustment from Fall to Winter seems the most sudden to me. One day the Fall landscape is a mix dying green and dormant brown, the next it is winter white.

The first day of cold and snow always makes me sigh deeply at the aspect of having a job that requires working outside every day.  Followed shortly by a temporary sense of urgency. “What else needs to be brought in, drained out, packed up?”

This year the first snow came late, and on the edges of a strong wind. It snowed sideways most of the day.

The winter will now shape our routine. Within one day everything from getting dressed for the outdoors, to doing chores, to driving, becomes more laborious. How long the sheep will continue to graze will now depend on snowfall. We make adjustments so the sheep have access to open water. Extra duties like checking the water bowls are added to the daily queue. Over the course of the season the snow will alter my walking trails as areas blow in. When I can go for walks or work the stock dogs and for how long will soon depend on how cold it is.

Along with outdoor changes will come indoor changes as more time will soon be spent there. So while the days grow shorter and turn colder, time for afternoon tea, and curling up with good books and warm dogs is ahead of us.